Ever been stuck in whiteout with a wet bandana?

It's not fun I'll tell you that much for free.

Gear up with a Ruroc helmet system and defend yourself from rocks, rails and sub-zero windchill with the Ruroc High-Impact Face Mask.

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220,00 RON

Riding Ruroc means you know the value of getting out early to cut the first lines down the mountain. It means you know the value of pushing yourself harder than the next guy.

Locking the High-Impact Mask in place makes you push yourself harder and faster than you ever have before.

The Ruroc mask is the signature piece of the Ruroc RG-1 and RG1-DX helmet system. Say goodbye to goggle fog and wet bandanas.

New for 2016 are our spring-loaded mask clips which make the on-off experience a hell of a lot easier in gloves! Perfect for those long lift rides. We've alsoreinforced the mask with an inner foam coating to enhance the safety and remove the condensation build up from your breath!

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